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We bring the traditional comfort of carpet into modern home design.


When it comes to blanket forts and movies in front of the fire, nothing beats the softness of carpet.

There’s a reason people put rugs on hard surfaces. The feel of soft carpeting beneath your feet on a cold winter morning brings comfort like nothing else. With the high-quality and affordable options available from Orange Cat flooring, not only will your feet thank you – so will your wallet.

Just because life is noisy doesn’t mean your home has to be.

Carpet flooring can be beneficial when a home has multiple stories to cushion the sounds of everyday life, such as footsteps, TVs, computers, speaker homes, and the other sounds that make a house a home. Not only does carpet insulation help with sound, but it also helps with energy costs.

In homes where some family members may be working or studying in one part of the house, while others are enjoying an action movie or video game in another, sound insulation is more important than ever to allow productivity and relaxation to coexist. Not only does carpet insulation help with sound, but it also helps with energy costs. Those savings compounded over the long life of a carpeted floor can be substantial.

Whether providing a neutral base or a standout design feature, installing new carpet allows you to set the tone for your room’s style.

Your home should be like none other because no one else is like you. Whether bold patterns and textures or cool neutrals, Orange Cat Flooring’s carpets provide a variety of choices to spice up or tone down your home design.

Slips and falls don’t always have to hurt.

Whether it’s your baby taking those first steps, an older adult not quite as steady on their feet, or just the family klutz, slips and falls are reduced with carpet. Even when they do occur, injury is minimized by the soft cushioning provided by carpeted floors. And with Orange Cat Flooring’s lifetime warranty on labor, you can rest assured your carpet is installed with your family’s safety in mind.


Carpeting helps you contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.

Today’s carpets contain the lowest VOC emissions of any flooring choice available. By trapping pollen, dust, and other foreign particles, these harmful particles are removed from breathing space, creating a passive air filter. With a quick vacuum, those particles are no more, leaving you and your family with cleaner indoor air.

Modern carpets are also a sustainable choice.

Most carpets can now be reused or recycled into other valuable products, such as automotive parts and roofing shingles. When carpets are recycled to create new carpeting, there’s no need to acquire raw materials, further benefiting a green initiative.

Orange Cat Flooring continues its commitment to sustainable products for a greener tomorrow. For soft, economical, and sustainable flooring that will keep contributing to your family’s comfort and safety for years to come, trust Orange Cat Flooring to install your carpet flooring.

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