Atlanta Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Breathe new life into your Atlanta hardwood floors with Orange Cat Flooring’s hardwood refinishing.


Save the time and expense of replacing your scratched and worn hardwood floors.

You may have been told your scratched, dented, and worn existing hardwood floors were beyond hope and must be replaced. Before you disrupt your family’s life and budget to tear out and replace your existing hardwoods, contact the professionals at Orange Cat Flooring for a second opinion. It is likely that your floors can not only be saved but can also be revived back to their luxurious beginnings.

We respect your home and only offer the best hardwood flooring refinishing services.

Orange Cat Flooring respects your property while restoring your floor’s shine and luster and protecting it for years to come, using only the top-of-the-line materials and tools in the business. Your time is also valuable and trying to live in a home that’s like a construction zone during hardwood replacement can be difficult.

Our custom professional refinishing process can be completed in as little as three days, allowing your family to get back to living and enjoying your like-new hardwood floors.

Why Choose Hardwood Floors Refinishing?

  • The cost savings are substantial. Replacing your hardwood floor can be costly. From materials to labor, the cost to replace hardwood floors is significantly greater than hardwood refinishing.
  • You don’t have to live with scratches and dents. Your floors get more consistent use than any of the other parts of your home. That doesn’t mean your options are limited to living with the result of wear and tear or replacing them. Hardwood refinishing provides a great alternative to restoring the beauty of your floors.
  •  It provides long-term protection and durability for your hardwoods. Orange Cat Flooring applies three coats of polyurethane to all of our projects to ensure your refinished hardwood shine has staying power.
  • Refinished hardwoods prevent safety hazards. Splinters and scratches in your hardwood can be a safety hazard and a liability risk to your guests.
  • Prevention of unwanted pests. Cracks and crevices in damaged hardwood floors can be like putting out a welcome sign for pests, such as termites, ants, and similar pests.
  •  It allows you to create a fresh, clean redesign for your home. With refinished hardwood floors customized to your design, you will no longer have to design around your current floor stain color or the rugs strategically placed to hide your damaged hardwoods.
  • Hardwood refinishing adds value to your home. Floors are one of the major selling points of a home. Whether for aesthetic value to impress your guess or long-term home value, refinished hardwood floors are a great asset to your home.

Make a lasting impression with your home’s beautifully refinished floors.

You put a lot of effort into making your house uniquely and wonderfully you. However, scratched, dented, and dulled floors can make all those efforts seem futile if you feel the need to cover your floors with rugs to hide their wear and tear.

Refinishing your Atlanta hardwood floors might be your best choice for existing hardwood floors.

Let the experts at Orange Cat Flooring help you decide if restoring your hardwoods to their original glory is the right decision for you. From shine restoration and damage control to a new stain color to match your style, creating the perfect home design style is back in your complete control with hardwood floor refinishing.

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